Nylon (on left) comes in solid and multi colors.
Cotton (on right) comes in one natural color.

Cotton or Nylon?
Nylon ~ A synthetic fiber ~ can be left outdoors. When it gets wet, it dries very quickly. 

Cotton ~ A natural fiber ~  hang on a covered porch, in your home or take it inside when it rains.  We recommend cotton for it's sublime comfort and all natural feel.

Hammock Chair

"I feel like I'm back in the womb."

 This is what we hear , so often,  from customers who are experiencing the hammock chair for the first time.  Like a cocoon, it cradles you and allows for complete relaxation.

The hammock chair has been beneficial to individuals with various autism
spectrum disorders.  Occupational therapists use hammock chairs to assist in sensory integration.

Hammock chairs are rated to hold 500 lbs. Weight is a non-issue!