Can my hammock tangle and get pulls?

YES, your hammock can tangle and get pulls. But, it is easily avoided with two simple tips.

Tangles:   Whenever you handle your hammock, hold both ends and be careful not to let them tangle.   When storing your hammock, keep the ends in mind and store it in a way that prevents them from becoming intertwined.

When not using your hammock, hook one end along with the other, then it is out of the way and you have a colorful wall hanging.

                                                                                                How do I hang my hammock?

We recommend that you hang your hammock in a bow shape (as shown in the picture below) with the ends approximately 10 feet apart. This allows for flexibility in the material so that you can lie on your back, side and stomach.  It can be hung with the ends farther apart which will make the hammock tighter, some people like it this way.  You might test it at various lengths to find out what best suits you.                                                                                           

Hang your hammock indoors or on a porch. If hung in a living space hammocks tend to get more use and they last longer since they are not exposed to the elements outside. To hang your hammock inside you will need to find the wood stud in the wall or ceiling, screw in a metal "j-hook" or "eye-hook" and hang the hammock off the hooks. 

The hammock chair hangs from one point.  Hanging a chair inside is similar to hanging a potted plant from the ceiling.  You need a strong eye or j-hook screwed into a stud in the ceiling and then attach it with rope or chain. As seen below, you can also hang your chair from a branch on a tree.

Hang your Hammock Indoors!

Pulls:  Be aware of buttons and zippers on your clothing when you stand up from your hammock. If you get a pull, lie in your hammock and work that area by spreading it with your hands and it will usually go back in place.  Just be careful that you do not pull a thread too far.

Here, the hammock end is connected
to the eye-hook with an s-hook. You can also screw a j-hook into the stud in the wall
and place the end of the hammock directly on it's hook.

<---------- 10 feet---------->

                                                                                       Can I leave my hammock outdoors?
Yes, nylon hammocks are made to be left outside.   Nylon is a synthetic fiber that can get wet and dries very quickly. We recommend that you take your hammock in for the winter and do not hang it in the direct sun. Although, nylon is resistant to most elements, the sun will deteriorate it. 

Hammock chairs come in both nylon and cotton. Because cotton is a natural fiber, we recommend hanging cotton indoors,  on a covered porch, or take it in when it rains. 

The more you bring your hammock inside, the longer it will last. Establish your hanging location and use carabiners to make it easy to bring in and out.